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Hi Girls!



I’ve been dreaming about this for a while:-)


decided to do it. 


My favourite part about my work, are the people I get to meet
& the relationships we create thereafter. I give some
classes throughout my year & organize spaces for growth,
love and motherhood. But that all starts when were starting
our real life journey. 


The one we call marriage. Before marriage we get to know
ourselves. We need to know ourselves and love ourselves in
order to give to someone else & accept their


We also need a connection with the divine or whatever you want
to call it so we do not suffocate our partner in
co-dependancy and selfish ‘friendship’ among much


I’m here because I really care about how this love journey goes
for you. Whether you will use all the knowledge you learn
with me, throughout your married life or even just once
before you start this new chapter, every minute of our time
together will be nourishing, worth it and a basic foundation
that every bride needs to start out with. 


Loads of Love,



This is us. From our 10th anniversary photoshoot, replicating our wedding day + four little humans.

About This opportunity



Do you want happily ever after?

I prepare you for marriage, not only your wedding



It is possible.

And yes, it has to do with spiritual



No its not everything.

But its the foundation. Without which we cannot

Spiritual & Practical


My Dear Bride,


I know it can be so hectic preparing your wedding , the
details, the dress, the invitations, the parents, the in
laws, the everything!


When it come to spiritual prep it can be like, oh my I have to
get this done, off my checklist. I want to, kind of, but I
don’t even know  what this mikvah thing is. It seems
nice and spiritual. or in some cases i’ve met girls who are
not even interested, because getting naked in water to
cleanse myself, like what the heck isn’t that 18th


I know what you’re feeling. Not because I was there even
though I was, but because I’ve been with so many of you, so
I understand.


Why we should get to know each other…


I once got a call saying, I’d like to prepare with  you
because even though I know there are others who do this,
they don’t  take it as seriously and sometimes even
forget they have brides to teach! Of course that’s not the
norm, but to me this was so foreign.


For me every bride is a blessing. A beauty that comes my way,
looking for a fresh start, a divine start to this new
chapter of their lives. The preparations are so many, there
is such overwhelm, emotionally & getting it all together
that every time I’m introduced to a new bride, it’s all
about bringing the calm in the  storm, the tranquility
in the craziness and the beauty of stopping to reflect
in a spiritual manner before they tie the knot.


I am so grateful to have learnt the greatest teachings,
secrets of the soul.


Our classes together are the soul of preparation for marriage,
we delve into the why’s and hows of timeless kabalistic
wisdom as well as a few  modern day tips for marriage.
I guide you with your calendar as to how to  make sure
your day is the perfect day on your cycle to go (obviously
nerves & our emotions can change our cycle) and as a
plus I help you also with your invitation phrase, accompany
you on the big day of dipping and assure you enter your
marriage  canopy in blessed calm & with divine


Why am I offering packages now?


I have been teaching brides for over 5 years.  They are
my favourite classes.


This year my husband and I are married for 10 years. 


I decided to formalize my classes in honor of  this
milestone but also because I have various different projects
and am getting busier daily & yearly! 


Because I love this part of what I do and I don’t want to give it up
in order to be able to serve brides the best I feel this is
a more  organized forum to optimize your experience,
both our time, because brides are  always hectic and so
am I!


I want to give the most I can to you in the short time you
have, and I think you should know the importance of what you
are  doing and feel privileged to have a package that
caters to your needs and you can know beforehand what to


I am also preparing a program for brides and  grooms to
‘Prepare’ for the technical issues that might come up for
them in their first few years of marriage. The things your
parents don’t tell you &  no-one talks about until
they become an issue!  


What’s on the inside?


My first offer is for brides. It is a basic bridal package.
Four  weeks. Four classes. Not a big investment. The
basic foundation, to enter marriage with knowledge and a
spiritual foundation to build a lasting & loving


All inclusive


As an addition to this package, for locals who live  where
I do, I will offer the spiritual accompaniment to the Mikvah
(Spiritual waters) & a Challa Demonstration for the
BRIDE family & friends.


Bridal Basic Package

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


It is a basic bridal package. Four weeks. Four classes. 

Not a big investment. The basic foundation, to enter marriage with 

knowledge and strength to build your lasting,
loving  & committed relationship. 


Payment plan:
4 payments of $115 each (UY3910)

*Conditions apply



Bridal basic package (FULL)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Including Mikvah cost  & Challa bake 

(10 ppl included). 

We do all the work for you from signing you up
for your mikvah appointment to accompanying you on the day + hosting 

your friends for a cooking demo & Challa to go! 


Payment plan: 6 payments of $115 (UY3910)

*Conditions apply 


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Bridal Package Appointment

1 hrs | E.g Price varies

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Discovery call

30 mins | Free

Common questions


Why pay if there are others who volunteer this service?

I feel you are too religious for me or thats what I've been told.

I'm not getting married or part of your community so would I still be able study with you?


The reason you pay here is because 

I value so much your preparation that 

I prepare for it myself and don’t just wing it. 

If you value your preparation as much as I do
so you’ll be happy  to invest in
the space I have created especially for you.


Why pay if there are others who volunteer this service?

I feel you are too religious for me or thats what I've been told.

I'm not getting married or part of your community so would I still be able study with you?


I’d love to have a discovery session with you 

to get to know our different perspectives 

and if they jive, I assure you.
You’re probably taking old
stories with you as we have never met 

and open minded individuals 

do not have preconceptions.
Well they might but they get over them and 

see for themselves. So looking forward to meeting you personally. 


I'm not getting married or part of your community so would I still be able study with you?

I'm not getting married or part of your community so would I still be able study with you?

I'm not getting married or part of your community so would I still be able study with you?


Brides who do not marry with our
community are more than welcome to study
together with me. My teachings are love &
relationship based not brand based.


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